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Natures Root Red Lentil Sprouting Seeds

Nature’s Root Red Lentil Microgreen Sprouting Seeds will make a welcome addition to any kitchen micro-garden. Surprisingly easy to grow, they produce delicious sprouts in just three days, and 1/2 cup of dry seeds yield up to 3 cups of crunchy sprouts.

A cool-season legume, red lentils are one of the oldest pulses known to man, and they are a staple in many diets across the world. They are relatively inexpensive, and they are ideal for adding bulk to soups, curries, and stews, although many people prefer to sprout them to bring out their mild peppery flavour and natural goodness.

In sprout form, red lentils are both delicious and nutritious. They contain concentrated sources of vitamins A, B2, B3, B5, B6, B9, and C, important minerals such as phosphorus and potassium, they are high in plant-based protein and fibre. They are low in fat and calories; making them a great addition to weight-loss diets, and they are rich in iron and folate.

With their impressive nutritional profile, sprouted red lentils support good health in many different ways. They have essential vitamins and minerals for healthy hair and skin, plenty of fibre for a healthy digestive system, and they are full of polyphenols, active compounds linked to cardiovascular health.

Our red lentil sprouting seeds are certified organic and non-GMO. They come in resealable Kraft paper pouches for a prolonged shelf-life of up to a year, and they are suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

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