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Natures Root Organic Stevia Powder

Stevia is a plant native in countries in South America such as Paraguay and Brazil. The extract of its leaves are used as sweeteners of food and beverages. In traditional medicine, it used to treat burns and stomach problems. It is a good natural sweetener and an alternative to table sugar.

It is a popular sweetener that it contains no carbohydrates yet it is 300 times sweeter than sugar. Its sweetness comes from its complex molecules called steviosides. It contains no calories and has a glycemic index of 0. It is highly recommended to diabetics and those who are on an anti-candida diet. Since it is much sweeter than sugar it is best to minimize its intake.

Stevia powder is extracted from the dried leaves of the Stevia plant. It contains antioxidant compounds like flavonoids, tannins and kaempferol. It helps to lower blood sugar and pressure.

Suggested Use:

Organic Stevia powder is a good alternative sweetener for your smoothies, shakes, drinks and raw food recipes.

Why Natures Root?

  • We source only the highest quality natural superfoods.
  • Most of our Organic range are certified by the UK Soil Association or EU Certified.
  • All operations are carried out in-house to ensure best care and attention.
  • Commitment to provide high quality products at low prices
  • Our passion is to help people live healthy & and enjoy life

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