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Incorporate Organic Fenugreek Powder Into Your Daily Beauty Regime

Fenugreek Powder is a regular on the superfoods list as it has been known to reduce the annoying effects of dandruff as well as boost hair shine giving you that just stepped out of the salon look. Also, Eczema sufferers have reported an improvement of symptoms by adding Organic Fenugreek Powder to water and applying it to their skin. It has also been known to aid the treatment of boils and mild burns too. It really is an all round health aide that you should be using.

Can I Use Fenugreek Powder In My Everyday Cooking?

Organic Fenugreek Powder is already often used in Indian curry recipes. Improve your health and substitute a take away for a home made curry. Alternatively you can add it to soups and chutneys for a burst of flavour.

About Natures Root

At Natures Root, we recognise the important role that maintaining a healthy diet plays in living a healthy lifestyle and functioning to optimum capacity.

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Fenugreek Powder should be your next superfood purchase. Top up your spice cupboard with a new addition that is good for your overall health and 100% organic too.

  • GOOD FOR OUR HEALTH – reported to keep blood pressure under control and efficiently regulate heart rate as it’s low in sodium and high in potassium
  • IMPROVES INDIGESTION – contains high levels of dietary fibre known for the treatment of constipation
  • GREAT FLAVOUR – add a burst of flavour to your meals and accompaniments  
  • HEALTH BENEFITS – helps combat the reduction of high blood pressure and osteoporosis
  • CERTIFIED ORGANIC – 100% pure and UK Soil Association certified

Fenugreek seed powder is used for a variety of purposes, including:

  1. Culinary uses: Fenugreek seed powder is used as a spice in many dishes, particularly in Indian and Middle Eastern cuisine. It has a strong, earthy flavor and is used in curries, pickles, and chutneys.

  2. Health and wellness: Fenugreek seed powder is known to have anti-inflammatory properties, making it beneficial for heart health, digestion, and blood sugar control. It is also known to be effective for increasing milk production in breastfeeding mothers.

  3. Hair care: Fenugreek seed powder is known to strengthen hair, prevent hair loss, and promote hair growth. It is commonly used as a hair mask or added to shampoo and conditioner.

  4. Beauty and skincare: Fenugreek seed powder is known to have anti-aging properties and is used in face masks, scrubs, and other skincare products.

  5. Supplement: Fenugreek seed powder is also used as a supplement, taken to support lactation, blood sugar control, and digestion.

  6. Tea: It's a common ingredient in making tea, the powder can be steeped in hot water to make a refreshing and flavorful tea.


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