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Natures Root Organic Coconut Flour

Coconut Flour is a 100% organic flour prepared from coconut flesh that has been dried using an entirely natural process.It is an ideal replacement for standard flour. Its unheated (raw) and 100% certified organic.

Suitable for those following a vegan, vegetarian or rawfood diet. Coconut flour is free from gluten and / or dairy products and is also low in calories. Coconut flour contains potassium, magnesium, B vitamins and vitamin C.

Suggested Use:

Just like ordinary flour, Coconut flour is an ideal ingredient in bread, cakes, pancakes, biscuits and all of your favourite rawfood treats. It can also be used to thicken smoothies

Why Natures Root?

 - We source only the highest quality natural superfoods.
 - Our Organic range are certified by the UK Soil Association or EU Certified.
 - All operations are carried out in-house to ensure best care and attention.
 - Commitment to provide high quality products at low prices
 - Our passion is to help people live healthy & and enjoy life

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