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Natures Root Organic Chia Seeds

These organic chia seeds are cultivated in Southern Mexico from the desert plant Salvia hispanica. Chia producers are strictly and regularly checked by Mexican agricultural authorities for quality and standards of production.

Packed with omega-3 fatty acids, minerals, amino acids, carbohydrates, enzymes, fibre, and protein. These raw organic chia seeds help build muscle, reduce risk of heart disease, and lowers cholesterol. Suitable for vegetarians or those who follow a raw food, or vegan diet.

Suggested Use:

Ideal ingredient in bread but the chia seeds should not exceed more than 5% of the finished bread.

Why Natures Root?

  • We source only the highest quality natural superfoods.
  • Products are certified organic by the UK Soil Association.
  • All operations are carried out in-house to ensure best care and attention.
  • Commitment to provide high quality products at low prices
  • Our passion is to help people live healthy & and enjoy life

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