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One of the most nutritious foods on earth, Baobab has been traditionally used by South Africa's indigenous people for its goodness and wellness. This remarkable superfood comes from the fruit of the legendary baobab tree (adansonia digitata) known by Africans as The Tree of Life The baobab fruit is a true superfood and nature’s tonic for gastric complaints, lung and respiratory problems, vitamin C deficiency, fevers and brittle bones and provides a greater sense of well-being harmony.

Other names for Baobab: Adansonia, Adansonia Digitata, Adansonia Grandidieri, Boab, Boaboa, Bottle Tree, The Tree of Life, Upside-down Tree and Monkey Bread Tree


Suggested Use:

How to use Organic Baobab Powder?

The deliciously tangy powder can be sprinkled over cereal or ice cream, added to yoghurts, sauces or jams, blended in shakes, or simply mixed with water or juice. Regardless how you take it, you’ll enjoy the exotic taste and the reap health benefits of nature’s true super fruit.

  • Serving Suggestion: 5-15g per day
  • Baobab powder can also be added to herbal tea and used instead of lemon
Expressed in 100g of Protein
Proline (PRO) 2,35g
Histidine (HIS)    2,71g
Leucine (LEU)    8,41mg
Lysine    14,62g
Arghine (ARG)    6,04g
Isoleucine (ILE)    10,73g
Methionine (MET)    4,92g
Cystine (CYS)    11,23g
Phenilalanine (PHE)    4,11g
Glutamic Acid (GLU)    4,02g
Valine (VAL)    1,62g
Tyrosine (TYR)    4,21g
Tryptophan (TRP)    1,49g
Threonine (THR)    2,96g


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