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So, you've finally got your Broccoli Seeds and you made a somewhat lame attempt to sprout them.... but you've run into problems. Take a look at this guide to ensure your Broccoli Seeds are actually SPROUTING....


• Add 2 tablespoons of Natures Root Organic Broccoli Raab Sprouting Seeds to a widemouth jar. Cover with a few inches of filtered water and cap with the sprouting lid. The key now is to ensure you store in a warm, dark place overnight. Use a high kitchen cabinet for this. One that is away from the window.

• The next morning, drain the liquid off and rinse with fresh water. Be sure to drain all the water off. Repeat this 3-4 times a day. Continue to store your seeds in a warm, dark place.

• After a few days, the seeds will start to break open and grow. • Eventually, the sprouts will be an inch or so long and have yellow leaves. Yes that’s right… yellow leaves. Not quite green yet.

• Now you can move the sprouts out into the sunlight. Continue to rinse them 3-4 times a day until the leaves are dark green. Once they Broccoli Sprouts are dark green they are ready to eat!

• This whole process will take about a week. Patience is a must! Once they are ready, give the sprouts a final rinse, dry off with a tea towel or if you have a salad spinner this works even better. Once dry, place in a container and refrigerate them. • Serve on top of salads, stirred into soups, or however tickles your fancy. They almost have a spicy flavour. Yummy !

If you are the only one eating your sprouts, you may want to make smaller batches. The same process will work just fine in a pint sized jar. If you don’t eat them fast enough, they get kinda slimy. The sprouts will hold up for a week or two in the refrigerator.


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