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Natures Root Organic Golden Cold-Milled Linseeds (Flaxseeds)

In the United States and Canada, flax that is non-food grade is made into oil used in wood, paints and other industrial supplies. Food-grade flax seed is used as livestock feed or as culinary oil while other makets sell flax seeds as a nourishing food.

Made from finely milled organic flax seeds. It contains omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids, dietary fiber, protein and lignans.

Suggested Use:

Mix it with your drinks, smoothies, yoghurts or just eat it directly.

Why Natures Root?

  • We source only the highest quality natural superfoods.
  • Our Organic range are certified by the UK Soil Association or EU Certified.
  • All operations are carried out in-house to ensure best care and attention.
  • Commitment to provide high quality products at low prices
  • Our passion is to help people live healthy & and enjoy life

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