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Why Should I Add Broccoli Powder To My Food and Smoothies?

Broccoli Powder is a supergreen full of nutritional value. If you want to avoid eating fresh broccoli with every meal but want the excellent health benefits then organic Broccoli Powder is the way to go. With high amounts of folate and calcium you’ll be boosting the nutrients in your meals more than ever before.

How Do I Use Broccoli Powder?

It really is easy to add Broccoli Powder to your meals and smoothies. Just one to two tablespoons is enough per meal to bring the health benefits you have been looking for. Stir it into soups, add it to an existing spice mix or why not add it to your morning juice or smoothies? Broccoli Powder is a perfect substitute for fresh broccoli as it keeps for longer.

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Add some organic superfoods to your life with our excellent Broccoli Powder. It’s simple and easy to add to your daily recipes and smoothies plus it works wonders for your health too. By adding superfood powders to your meals, you will be improving your diet and well being as well as increasing your antioxidant intake.

GREAT FOR DIETING – low in carbohydrates, protein, fat and dietary fibre, an excellent substitute to help with your weight loss goals

VITAMIN RICH – excellent source of Vitamin C and Vitamin K

VERSATILE – add to spice mixes and smoothies for intense flavour and goodness

HEALTH BENEFITS – said to help fight high blood pressure and osteoporosis

CERTIFIED ORGANIC – 100% pure and UK Soil Association certified


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