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Natures Root Organic Lucuma Powder

Lucuma is a sweet and edible fruit originated in Peru. It is  commonly added to ice-cream vanilla or chocolate, especially in Chile and Peru,  mainly because it tastes like a maple syrup ice cream. It is referred by Incas  as “Inca’s Gold” as it’s their natural source of sugar. The fruit is naturally  sweet but has a low glycemic index, making it a good fruit for those who are on  a diet. Making it into powder makes it a good substitute for table sugar. It is  also a suggested sweetener for diabetics.
The powder is produced from the fruit by drying it a t low  temperatures and later milled into fine grains. It is a low glycemic sweetener that contains  iron, beta carotene, fiber, carbohydrates and niacin. It is a source of  antioxidants and key nutrients.

Suggested Use:

You can use lucuma powder as a sweetener for your smoothies,  ice cream, desserts and pastries.

Why Natures Root?

  • We source only the highest quality natural superfoods.
  • Our Organic range are certified by the UK Soil Association or EU Certified.
  • All operations are carried out in-house to ensure best care and attention.
  • Commitment to provide high quality products at low prices
  • Our passion is to help people live healthy & and enjoy life

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