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Natures Root

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Natures Root

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Beetroot Powder is a regular on the superfoods list as a versatile and colourful ingredient to use when following a healthy diet and nutrition plan. Its bright and striking colour makes it perfect for adding to curries and smoothies as well as soups, spice mixes and even cakes too!

Known for being a great source of potassium, beetroot can actually aid the regulation of your body’s fluids, preventing water retention which can be a mitigating factor when it comes to weight gain. Beetroot is full of dietary fibre so is one of those super food items that will make you feel fuller for longer. This is perfect when it comes to weight loss as you won’t feel the need to snack, excellent news for those monitoring their food intake with a calorie counter!

There has never been a time to concentrate on your nutrition intake and weight loss goals. By following superfood recipes and changing your food intake to super healthy foods you will make huge improvements to your health, wellbeing and lifestyle. You’ll be giving your body the organic vitamins and nutrients it needs with ease thanks to our extremely versatile range of top superfoods.


BALANCED DIET – this superfood is great for a nutrition rich diet

HEALTH BENEFITS – known to reduce blood pressure through regular consumption

NATURES FOOD COLOURING – the rich colour makes it a healthy alternative to food colouring in recipes

NATURALLY SWEET – add to smoothies and soups for a natural burst of colour and sweetness

CERTIFIED ORGANIC – 100% pure and UK Soil Association certified

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