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Natures Root

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Natures Root Organic 100% Cordyceps Mushroom Powder

  • PROMOTES A HEALTHY HEART - The anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic properties of this herb has been found to strengthen cardiovascular health and improve circulation. Can aid in lowering bad cholesterol while encouraging healthy blood sugar levels
  • ENERGY, STAMINA & ENDURANCE - One particular health benefits of organic cordyceps is its capability to substantially increase energy levels. Its well known in the sporting world for its ability to deliver bursts of energy. This powerhouse mushroom powder boosts the level of oxygen uptake in the body and enriches cellular energy creation, thereby generating that added push for individuals who require a shot of energy
  • ANTI-AGEING - Cordyceps mushroom possesses high levels of anti-aging compounds that can really help revitalize the skin, eradicate dead cells, and improve the presence of imperfections, wrinkles, acne and age spots, essentially making you look more vibrant and youthful!
  • MANAGES RESPIRATORY FUNCTION - Regular cordyceps herbal usage can boost the quantity of oxygen absorbed by the lungs, so is additionally helpful for those dealing with breathing problems, such as bronchial asthma or persistent respiratory disease.
  • ADD TO SHAKES | SMOOTHIES | COFFEE | TEA: Natures Root Cordyceps Mushroom powder is packed in a airtight, resealable pouch. This mushroom powder is so versatile - Simply add straight into your coffee or make a healthy herbal tea. For those looking for a boost in health & welness, add to your green smoothie mix or post-workout protein shake or drink

Also known as Cordyceps militaris, the benefits of Organic Cordyceps are vast. Use of Cordyceps militaris dates back to the 15th century in traditional Tibetan and Chinese medicines. The wild form of Cordyceps is rare and expensive; consequently, a strain isolated from the wild form is now cultivated and commonly used.

Traditionally prepared in Chinese medicine as a broth, it can also be used as an extract, as a tea, or in capsules. While Cordyceps has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for centuries, modern research affirms its value.

It has a mild nutty flavour, with earthiness still coming through.  It has a very pleasant taste and almost a hint of sweetness to it.

Use it like you would flax. Mix it in with reishi and chaga drinks, or simply make a herbal tea or add to coffee or protein shakes.


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