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Is Raw Spinach Powder Easy To Use?

It absolutely is! When adding our Raw Spinach Powder to your food or drink recipes there is no preparation needed. Just add your desired amount without having to wash, dry and chop in advance like you would with fresh spinach. There is no room taken up in your fridge and it lasts far longer than fresh spinach too so no waste!

What Can I Add Raw Spinach Powder To?

The options really are endless when it comes to adding Raw Spinach Powder to your drinks or food. Start the day off with a healthy smoothie, add a scoop or two to your favourite mixture. Stir it into soups and pasta dishes or even sprinkle it on to salads for a superfood boost.

About Natures Root


At Natures Root, we recognise the important role that maintaining a healthy diet plays in living a healthy lifestyle and functioning to optimum capacity.

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Raw Spinach Powder is regularly number 1 on the superfoods list due to the fact it is packed full of vitamins and nutrients. Increase your intake of spinach with our popular Raw Spinach Powder and enjoy the benefits of increased health and well being too.

  • HIGH IN VITAMINS – contains Vitamin A, B, C, E and K
  • COLOURFUL – add to pasta or noodle dishes for a burst of healthy colour
  • GREAT FOR WEIGHT LOSS – incorporate spinach powder into your calorie controlled diet   
  • DELICIOUS – experience the tasty flavour of spinach in powder form
  • CERTIFIED ORGANIC – 100% pure and UK Soil Association certified


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