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Microgreens are veggie shoots grown from seed for 10 days in your window, clipped and eaten. These sassy little seedlings add a burst of intense flavors, vivid colors and crisp textures that transform any meal into a nutrient-packed gourmet experience.

Crunchy, juicy texture and the same yummy taste as fresh peas. Perfect for sandwiches and on pasta, rice, and vegetable dishes! Try your pea shoots at different times while they’re growing – their flavor and texture is best when they’re about 3” tall.

Health Benefits:

High in fiber, beta carotene, folate, protein, vitamins A, B6, C, K and E, calcium, phosphorous, iron, potassium, magnesium, Thiamin, Niacin and the trace elements manganese, copper and chromium, plus high amounts of chlorophyll and living enzymes

How to Sprout Pea Seeds?

  1. Choose a high quality, nutrient dense potting soil or soilless medium for growing trays of shoots. Always use fresh soil when sowing new plantings.
  2. Seeds grown for shoots should be only just covered with a sprinkling of soil, or covered with an inverted tray instead of soil to keep out light and keep in moisture until they germinate. Always soak seeds for 8-12 hours before sowing.
  3. Sow seeds thickly in a plastic flat filled with potting soil or a soilless medium. Use ¼ cup of seed for a 5” square tray, 1 cup for a 10” square tray, and 1 ½ - 2 cups for a 10” x 20” tray.
  4. Shoots grow best in an area that stays above 65°F in full sun. Conditions can be achieved by a heated indoor space and a grow light or sunny window
  5. To harvest, clip stems just above the soil line with clean scissors. Wash shoots and dry on clean towels or in a salad spinner. Harvest pea shoots when they are 2-4” tall, after the second set of leaves appear, about 10–14 days after planting.

Cleaned shoots can store in the refrigerator in clean plastic bags for up to one week.

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