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  • Balance Estrogen Levels: Dong Quai has the capacity to minimize your estrogen levels when too high and also lower them when too high
  • Superb Blood Tonic: Dong Quai consists of vitamin B 12, folic acid, folinic acid, nicotinic acid, as well as biotin. Dong quai is invaluable after any kind of injury or surgical procedure to renew your red blood cells as well as raise blood quantity
  • Aids with Iron Deficiency & Anemia: The cobalt in dong quai is believed to enhance the levels of hemoglobin of your blood. Hemoglobin is the healthy protein in your blood which contains iron as well as brings oxygen to cells and also co2 from them
  • Increase Male Fertility: Ferulic acid, an antioxidant present in dong quai, has actually been revealed to enhance sperm quality.
  • Mentrual Cycle: Our certified Organic Dong quai is also an antispasmodic that reduces aches, cramps as well as various other signs and symptoms of PMS. Women that quit taking the contraceptive pill might additionally find dong quai beneficial to help get you back to a normal cycle. Women that quit taking the contraceptive pill might additionally find dong quai beneficial to help get you back to a normal cycle.

Dong Quai is a ancient Chinese herb solution that is increasing in notoriety and is becoming a lot more prominent in the Western world.
The reason for this herbal powders appeal has a lot to do with the significant advantages its has to men & women. As a matter of fact, dong quai has actually been promoted as a remedy for those who are infertile and have an inability to conceive, hot flashes and also perhaps even more severe conditions. Dong Quai is also referred to as "women ginseng" as a result of its advantages for females, dong quai is just as efficient for fertility in men.

Utilizing Herbs and also Superfood powders each day is simple, straight forward and can actually be very tasty. The easiest method is to rehydrate the powder in a shot of filtered water. Take one, two times or even 3 times each day if you are taking the natural herbs therapeutically. In some cases, natural herbs can be on the bitter side, so the botanical powders can be included in a superfood shake rather than simply water. A smoothie shake can be made with a base of nut milk, seed milk or non-dairy milk such as rice milk. Otherwise, just add to a healthy fruit or veggie juice smoothie.

Other superfoods as well as natural herb powders can be combined to strengthen the smoothie for extra health benefits. The powders are mostly dissolvable and also can added in and mixed, blended or simply stirred until fully combined with the drink. Any Superfood smoothie guru would tell you that the health benefits are limitless - the ultimate goal is to feel fantastic when replacing your meal with a glass of super nutrient rich ingredients. For complete directions on the best ways to use our Herbal Powders, please contact us.

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