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Organic Schisandra (Wu Wei Zi) Powder

ORGANIC SCHISANDRA BERRY POWDER: Made from the berries of the Schisandra Chinensis Plant, Nature’s Root Organic Schisandra Powder is packed with flavour and natural goodness.

TRADITIONAL CHINESE MEDICINE: Used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for centuries, Schisandra Powder is an adaptogen, which is thought to support the immune system and protect against physical, mental, and emotional stress.

ANTI-ANXIETY HERB: Thanks to its adaptogenic properties, Schisandra Powder is believed to have relaxing qualities. It’s a feel good herb that could help improve the mood and encourage a good night’s sleep.

NATURAL PERFORMANCE ENHANCER: Schisandra Powder is a powerful tonic that may enhance physical performance and promote endurance when taken regularly. It is popular with Chinese athletes, particular distance runners and gymnasts. 100%

RAW, PURE & CERTIFIED ORGANIC: Nature’s Root Schisandra Powder is 100% pure and free from all artificial ingredients. It’s certified organic by the Soil Association and packaged for freshness in resealable Kraft pouches.


Nature’s Root Organic Schisandra Powder derives from the red berries of the Schisandra Chinensis Plant native to Northern China and some parts of Russia. Also referred to as Schizandra, Magnolia Berry, and Five-Flavour-Fruit, Schisandra Berries are sweet, sour, salty, spicy, and bitter, possessing all five basic flavours.

Schisandra Powder has been used in Ancient Chinese Medicine for thousands of years and is considered one of the 50 fundamental herbs. Used to treat a variety of conditions, it is an antioxidant super-berry that is believed to “calm the heart and quiet the spirit”.

Organic Schisandra Berry Powder is an adaptogen and thought to improve physical performance, promote endurance, and decrease fatigue by supporting a healthy immune system. Professional Chinese athletes often include Schisandra in their diet as a general tonic and energy booster.

Many herbalists believe that Schisandra Berry Powder reduces the production of stress hormones so it’s a great all-rounder when it comes to good health.

Nature’s Root Organic Schisandra Powder is 100% natural and certified organic. It comes in resealable packages for freshness, and you can add it to almost any recipe. It’s delicious in chocolate smoothies and berry milkshakes, and it blends beautifully with herbal teas.

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