Himalayan Pink Crystal Detox Bath Salt

Natures Root

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Natures Root

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Natures Root Himalayan Pink Crystal Detox Bath Salts are considered to be the purest hand-mined salts which originated from ancient sea salt deposits. They are harvested from ancient sea beds and have been a valuable commodity that were only sold to noble and why they are known as “the salt of the kings”. The crystals vary in shades, depending on their iron content. They can be white pink or red.

Natures Root Himalayan Pink Crystal Bath Detox Salts are mined and later washed before drying under the sun. They contain lots of vitamins, minerals and trace elements that rejuvenate and detox the body.

Other names for Himalyan Pink Salt: Rock salt or halite

How to use Himalayan Bath Salts?

Add it to your baththub and have a sole solution bath for a relaxing and calming experience.

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