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2021 was a successful year for veganism. We saw many trends hit the market and explode with popularity among the people. Several brands have jumped on the bandwagon and introduced more ideas for the vegan community and their plant-based diet. 

People have their hopes up for vegan trends 2022 as well. With the influx of sweets and treats for vegans, a huge playing field just opened up for 2022.

Let us take a deeper dive into the new vegan trends that might hit the market this year.

Potato Milk 

We have all heard of coconut milk, almond milk and soy milk. But potato milk is on the rise nowadays. It is a blend and emulsion of rapeseed oil and potatoes. This milk substitute is being widely welcomed by the vegan community. 

It has very neutral tastes and can combine perfectly with coffee. It is sustainable compared to soy and almond milk and offers a rich creamy texture. 

This is most probably going to be the hottest trend for 2022.

Hibiscus Flower

We often see hibiscus flowers adding aesthetic to your dishes. But now in 2022, we might see a surge in using these flowers in your vegan dishes. 

Hibiscus flowers are usually dried and sugared to make delicious desserts and sweet treats. They are also seen being used as meat alternatives, most commonly in tacos due to their chewy texture. 

They usually combine well with other flavours and can be the next game-changer in veganism.


Vegan Fast Food 

Several mainstream fast-food chains such as Burger King, KFC and McDonalds are seen taking the plunge and bringing vegan burgers to their brand. They are purely plant-based and often the meat patty is substituted with tofu, soybeans or mushrooms. 

Although the vegan community is small, the non-vegans are also trying to cut down their meat intake thus, increasing demands for vegan food. 


Vegan Chocolate 

Chocolates are the go-to sweet treats for most of the general population. But until recently, the vegan community couldn’t consume it because of its dairy ingredients. However, many brands have rushed forth vegan chocolates by alternating milk with oat milk. Even Hershey's has launched their oat milk-based vegan chocolate. 

It is simply no denying that these chocolates are a healthier option than the standard chocolate. It is widely suspected that these will be one of the most sought-after trends of 2022. 


In Essence

Vegan food is gaining popularity in giant strides. This is driving the general market, including the food sector to come up with innovative solutions to a vegan-friendly society. Nature’s Root is an organic food shop that promotes healthy food items. Get your product from us today at the highest quality and low prices. 


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