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NATURE’S ROOT SENNA LEAVES POWDER: A herbal supplement derived from the Cassia Plant, our organic senna leaves powder contains numerous enzymes, compounds, and active ingredients to promote good health.

HERBAL LAXATIVE: Used in traditional medicine for millennia, this ancient herb works as a natural laxative, and as such, it is often prescribed to cleanse the colon and bowel before diagnostic tests such as colonoscopies.

100% NATURAL WEIGHT LOSS SUPPLEMENT: As it relieves constipation, improves digestive function, and detoxifies the body, senna leaf powder remains a popular weight loss supplement for those following a calorie-controlled diet and exercise regime.

HIGH IN ANTIOXIDANTS: Senna leaf powder is naturally high in antioxidants, and it boasts antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory qualities. When taken as instructed by your herbal practitioner, it could help support a healthy immune system and protect against cell damage caused by free radicals.

Nature’s Root Senna Leaves Powder comes from the Cassia Plant, a perennial herb that belongs to the Fabaceae or Legume family. It grows in tropical and sub-tropical climates, and its history is thought to date back to the 9th Century A.D. when Arabian physicians prescribed it as a laxative to treat constipation.

An important herb in Ayurvedic and Traditional Chinese Medicine, Senna leaf powder can help relieve constipation by softening the stools. As it cleanses the digestive system naturally, many health practitioners recommend it for those undergoing surgery involving the colon, bowel, anus, or rectum, and for diagnostic tests such as colonoscopies.

Senna leaves powder may be beneficial to the hair by improving scalp condition, eliminating dandruff, and conditioning the roots from within. Thanks to its anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory qualities, it can also help treat common skin problems by reducing redness, fighting skin infections, and soothing wounds and burns.

Nature’s Root Senna Leaves Powder makes a slightly bitter tea that you can use to relieve constipation or aid weight loss when consumed along with a calorie-controlled diet and exercise plan. You can mix it with water to create a topical treatment for skin conditions or mix it with yoghurt and essential oils to make a deeply nourishing hair mask.

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