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Nigella Sativa Seed for a Better Health

Also known as Roman Coriander, nigella sativa seed has been used for several centuries as a natural remedy for everything. Nigella seeds are a unique source of thymoquinone, a valuable compound found in plants that is known for its valuable abilities to reduce mutant cell proliferation. Scientifically, there are many high-quality studies that highlight the potential benefits of nigella seeds in different forms. These organic black cumin seeds also come with amazing nutritional benefits, and when ground into powder, nigella seeds are used to add aromas and flavours to meals.

Natural Skin Care

Nigella sativa is an ideal natural skin care ingredient that is packed full of essential nutrients such as vitamins A, B, and C, calcium, potassium, magnesium, zinc, trace elements and omega oils for healthy skin. These nutrients can help restore the natural health and vitality of the skin and reduce the symptoms of skin inflammation conditions.

Anti-Allergic Properties

If you suffer from seasonal sniffles, sneezes, itches or other allergies, then nigella sativa can help you combat your allergies. Black cumin seeds have been widely used to fight allergic diseases. Research has also shown that nigella sativa oil may help to protect those with allergies by blocking the release of histamine and lowering the allergic response.

Direction for Use

Nigella seeds are best utilized when toasted in a dry pan for 2-3 minutes. They can then be added to any number of recipes or spice mixes. You can also sprinkle the powdered form over soups, tagine dishes of chicken or lamb.

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