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Shikakai Powder for Healthier Natural Hair

Also known as the hair fruit, shikakai is a prized hair care ingredient that has been used as a natural alternative to chemical-based shampoos for years. Shikakai pods are rich in saponins which act as natural foaming agents and in ayurvedic cultures, the shikakai powder is used for promoting luxuriant hair growth because of its excellent cleansing properties. Using this shikakai powder for hair 1 lb can help you prevent premature graying and also delay your hair’s natural graying process. Washing your hair with shikakai powder paste before you dye it will allow your hair to absorb the dye better.

The Perfect Natural Hair Conditioner

This ayurvedic herb is very rich in flavonoids, alkaloids, and various plant acids to nourish and strengthen hair roots, and to promote healthy hair growth. The low pH of shikakai matches with the human hair’s mild pH level and it gently cleanses hair without stripping it of natural oils. You can use shikakai as a natural hair wash to help clean off excess sebum and dirt from sensitive scalps or to control dandruff. The shikakai hair treatment is particularly perfect for individuals that are allergic to chemicals in regular shampoos or simply want to switch to natural cosmetics.

Gently Detangles Hair

If you have curly hair and you don’t want rough-combing to damage your follicles, shikakai is a great way to detangle your hair softly without causing any pain after a shampoo. Simply run your fingers through your hair while rinsing with shikai conditioner.

Here are a few suggestions for using Organic Shikakai Powder for hair care:

  1. Mix the powder with water to form a paste and apply it to your hair and scalp. Leave it on for 10-15 minutes before rinsing it off with warm water.

  2. Use the powder as a pre-wash treatment before applying hair dye. Mix the powder with water to form a paste, apply it to your hair and leave it on for 20-30 minutes before washing your hair with shampoo and applying the dye.

  3. Mix the powder with your regular conditioner to boost its hair nourishing properties.

  4. Add a tablespoon of the powder to your regular shampoo for a gentle and natural cleansing experience.

  5. Use the powder as a hair detangler by mixing it with water to create a paste. Apply it to your hair and gently run your fingers through it to loosen any knots or tangles.

  6. Mix the powder with other natural ingredients like yogurt, honey, or coconut oil to create a hair mask for extra nourishment and conditioning.

Please note that these are only suggestions and you should always patch test the powder before using it and take advice from a hair care professional if needed.

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