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Nature’s Root Organic Giloy Powder - Immunity Booster | Guduchi Powder | Promotes Vitality | Natural Detox Supplement | Certified Organic

NATURE’S ROOT ORGANIC GILOY POWDER: Produced from the heart-shaped leaves of the Tinospora Cordifolia plant, a herbaceous vine indigenous to the Indian subcontinent, our organic Giloy powder is an immune-boosting superfood supplement with multiple health benefits.

AYURVEDIC ROOT OF IMMORTALITY: In Ayurvedic medicine, Giloy Powder, also known as Guduchi Powder and Amrita Powder, is the “Root of Immortality” and revered for its abundant medicinal properties.

PROMOTES VITALITY & WELLBEING: Organic Giloy Powder is a health rejuvenator that bolsters the immune system to help the body eliminate harmful toxins. When consumed regularly, it could help promote vitality and longevity while enhancing memory function.

ANTI-ALLERGEN SUPPLEMENT: Used for centuries to fight the cells that cause allergic reactions, Guduchi Powder can help keep infections, colds, coughs, nasal congestions, and viruses at bay. Due to its anti-allergen compounds, it could be beneficial to those with hay fever and other seasonal allergies.

CERTIFIED ORGANIC: Nature’s Root Giloy Powder is certified organic and free from all chemicals, pesticides, and GMO ingredients. It’s pure and natural, just the way nature intended, and suitable for those following plant-based, raw, and Keto diets.

Nature’s Root Organic Giloy Powder is a superfood supplement that you can enjoy every day to boost the immune system, fight seasonal allergies, and promote vitality. Sustainably sourced from the Tinospora Cordifolia Plant, a nutritious herb that grows abundantly in the Indian subcontinent, it has featured in Ayurvedic medicine for centuries, where it has gained the titles of “Root of Immortality” and “Nectar of Life”.

Also known as Guduchi Powder and Amrita Powder, Giloy Powder is abundant in biochemical substances, alkaloids, and flavonoids to support good health. Most commonly prescribed to boost immunity, it contains active compounds that activate the body’s natural defence system to fight infection-causing germs and viruses.  It has anti-allergen qualities too and may help relieve the symptoms of seasonal allergies such as hay fever.

As a natural detox supplement, organic Giloy powder helps the body eradicate harmful toxins to support healthy liver and kidney function, purify the blood, and cleanse the digestive system. Detoxification can also improve the overall health of the skin and promote a clear complexion while reducing the appearance of dark spots, fine lines, and wrinkles.

Organic Giloy powder is the rejuvenator of the plant world with multiple medicinal benefits. With its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory qualities, it can boost vitality and create an overall feeling of wellbeing. Our Guduchi Powder is certified organic and packaged for freshness in resealable Kraft paper packages. It is packed with nutrients to support good health, and suitable for all diets.

Mix approx 5g into warm water once or twice a day.

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