Ayurvedic Powders

39 products

Ayurvedic diets are based on ancient medicinal practices that promote holistic balance in the...

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Cacao Products

5 products

Rich in antioxidants, nutrients, tryptophan, chromium, iron, magnesium, and anandamide, Cacao is the seed...

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Coconut Collection

5 products

Now recognised as one of the most versatile health foods in the world, natural...

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Cooking Ingredients

26 products

From Organic Cacao Power, Organic Buckwheat, and Himalayan Pink Salt, through to Organic Brown...

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Dried Fruits & Berries

7 products

The perfect way to improve your everyday diet, health, and general wellbeing, dried fruits...

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Flavour & Seasoning

11 products

The perfect place to buy organic flavouring and seasoning online; we supply a comprehensive...

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Fruit & Vegetable Powders

17 products

A tasty addition to any snack, meal, or drink, natural superfruits and super vegetable...

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Green Superfoods

18 products

Promoting healthy living and well being, our range of Green Superfoods are bursting with...

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Healthy Sweeteners

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When it comes to eating healthily, many of us avoid sugar and sweeteners. But...

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Mushroom Powders

12 products

Natures Root are dedicated to sourcing and providing the highest quality medicinal mushrooms in...

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Nuts, Seeds & Grains

23 products

Rich in complex carbohydrates and fibre, organic Nuts, Seeds, & Grains are a great,...

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Protein Powders

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At Natures Root you'll find the right Natural & Organic Protein Powders for you....

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Sprouting Seeds

31 products

Sprouted pulses and grains are probably the most underestimated food available to us today....

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Superfood Snacks

16 products

In our Superfood Snacks collection, you’ll find a wide range of tasty, healthy, and...

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Superherbs & Spices

25 products

Superherbs and Speice will not only enhance the taste and flavour of your meals,...

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At Natures Root, we recognise the important role that supplements can play in maintaining...

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